Jamaica Festival Queen Aundrene Cameron Crowned UWI Valedictorian

Jamaica Festival Queen Aundrene Cameron has earned the prestigious title of Valedictorian at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Class of 2023. Cameron, remembered for her elegance and poise at the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Coronation in August 2023, has skillfully balanced her community involvement with her outstanding academic accomplishments. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is recognized as she earned the right to be Valedictorian for her graduating peers.

Aundrene Always a Leader

Mrs. Barrett-McCullum, the Principal of one of Aundrene’s former schools, Portmore Missionary Preparatory and Kindergarten School in St. Catherine, expresses no surprise regarding Aundrene’s accomplishments. During the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Homecoming Celebration on Thursday, October 19, 2023, organized by her host parish of St. Catherine, Mrs. Barrett-McCullum said, “We could see confidence emanating from her from very early, and she was one of those who was always striving for excellence. At Portmore Missionary Preparatory, she learned values of hard work, discipline, and self-confidence. In grade six, while preparing for the GSAT, Miss Cameron gathered her young peers to review their assignments. She then assigned them homework, marked their books, and provided scores. When they passed, she expressed immense pride and said, ‘My babies passed.

“Only Your Best is Good Enough”

In her address to the students, Cameron said the prep school’s motto ‘Only Your Best Is Good Enough‘ has contributed to her journey to excellence.

Only the best will do… You can achieve anything that you set your mind to, and I stand here as Miss Jamaica Festival Queen because I tried. I didn’t know I would have won, but I tried. So, I don’t want the fear of failure to hinder any of you from pursuing your dreams,’ said Cameron.

As Valedictorian, Aundrene Cameron is set to address her peers in the faculty of Law at UWI, and distinguished guests during the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Photo – JCDC

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