Some 150 healthcare workers to receive young professional homes in Reg. 10

Plantation York along the Linden Highway is part of the massive 1,000 Homes Project in Linden. This project will see housing units being constructed to cater for young professionals of all income brackets by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA).

The Head of State explained that opportunities to study, adequate salaries and good living conditions are paramount for the overall enhancement of young people living here. Already the nurses have undergone salary adjustments and training programmes are available with job opportunities at the Health Ministry.

The President said although the government is making available the infrastructure for nurses to train and providing monetary support, the issue of housing has been an imperative one for many.

“One of the things that we are focused on is ensuring that our healthcare workers, our nurses, that they also live in decency, that they have access to homes, young professional houses so that they can enjoy an uplifted standard of living, provide for their families and create opportunities for their own children,” Dr Ali said.

Currently, 20 of the 40 elevated and flat units in Amelia’s Ward have been completed as part of the first phase of the 1000 homes project. In order to obtain these young professional homes, the government supports the client when engaging banks and other financial institutions to ensure that homeownership is achievable.