President Ali announces drainage, infrastructure improvements for Kingston, Alberttown

President Ali listening to residents’ concerns

In Kingston, the Ministry of Public Works will form a group of residents to clean all the alleyways and drainage in the area. President Ali also announced that road works in the area will be completed before the end of November.

“We are going to work in the community, the councillors and the ministry will work in putting together a group from the community itself to clear all the alleyways …  ensure they are functional and clean and then we’ll work out with the community itself how we can ensure maintenance,” he relayed.

President Ali interacts with residents

In Alberttown, residents raised concerns about drainage, street lights, sewage, and police presence. The president also asked Assistant Commissioner of Police Simon McBean to investigate the issue of Alberttown Police Station ranks not being active in their duties.“What we have to do is to take the police out of the stations and get them involved in the community …we’re going to do some aggressive work in this community and have outposts.”

Members of the community will work collectively to clean the alleyways and the drainage in the area as well. Work is expected to commence in the next 12 days, including work on the recreational facility.

“From now to next week Wednesday, persons from the community and the councillors to identify all the resources we have in the community itself and by then we will work out the programme about the work itself,” the president disclosed. (DPI)