Women’s Chamber elects new executive at AGM

Rowena Elliot of Blue Water Shipping was re-elected President

Rowena Elliot of Blue Water Shipping was re-elected President. With her exceptional leadership skills and extensive industry knowledge, Elliot has proven herself a valuable asset to the chamber. Under her guidance, WCCIG will continue to advocate for gender equality in the business world and support women entrepreneurs.

Aysha Khan of XL Engineering rejoins the executive team as the Vice President responsible for Training and Development. Khan’s passion for empowering women through education and skill-building programs makes her an ideal candidate to continue in this role. She will be instrumental in developing initiatives that enhance the professional growth and development of WCCIG members.

Martina Johnson of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Inc was elected unopposed to serve as Senior Director for Public Relations. With her strong communication skills and strategic mindset, Johnson will focus on effectively managing the chamber’s public image and strengthening its relationships with key stakeholders. Her expertise in mass communications, journalism and business administration is expected to contribute significantly to raising awareness about WCCIG’s initiatives and events.

Shevion Sears of Sears Consultancy Inc has been elected Senior Director of Business Diversity and will also be responsible for membership. With over two decades of experience in capacity building, Sears brings a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion issues, which will be invaluable in promoting equal opportunities within the business community. Additionally, she will focus on expanding WCCIG’s membership base, ensuring that more women have access to resources and networking opportunities.

Josephine Tapp of B & J Civil Works Inc has been elected unopposed to serve as Secretary. Tapp’s organisational skills and attention to detail make her well-suited for this crucial role within the executive team. She will manage administrative tasks, maintain records, and facilitate effective communication among the members.

Shamela John of RESYSCO by SJ Inc, who served the previous Board of Directors as Secretary, was elected unopposed as Treasurer. With her financial acumen and experience in managing budgets, John was elected to ensure the chamber’s financial stability and transparency. She will oversee the financial operations of WCCIG, including budgeting, reporting, and compliance.

Lisa Mohamed of OnCall Health Inc was elected to the post of Director of Outreach, Events, and Fundraising. Mohamed’s creativity and passion for community engagement will be instrumental in organising impactful events and fundraising initiatives. She will work closely with the executive team to develop partnerships and collaborations that further WCCIG’s mission.

“The newly elected executive team thanks the former executive team and is committed to continuing to advance the interests of women in business and fostering an inclusive environment that promotes their success. Together, we will lead WCCIG towards achieving its goals and empowering women entrepreneurs across various industries,” the WCCIG said in a press statement.



The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCIG) is a non-profit organisation that promotes gender equality and seeks to empower women in business. With a diverse membership base of dozens of women entrepreneurs, the organisation provides a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development.