Eight Jamaican-Born Mavericks Recognized by UK-Based Media Company Pitch Fanzine

Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica are being honored and celebrated by The Pitch Fanzine, a powerful and influential platform and movement within the U.K. creative industries, founded by Jamaican industry leader Sherry Collins.

From Saint Ann, Jamaica to London

Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, Sherry Collins, 43, award-winning founder of The Pitch Fanzine, emigrated to America at age 13 and then on to England, where Sherry’s twenty-year career grew from being a runner on commercials and film sets, through producing music videos, commercials, and short films with major London production companies, to becoming one of the most influential leaders in the U.K. advertising creative industry.

Jamaican Xavier Murphy, Founder of Jamaicans.com, Maverick of Business; Sizzla Kalonji, Reggae Artist, Music Producer, Philanthropist, Global Ambassador, and Founder of Sizzla Youth Foundation, Maverick of Music; Tami Tsansai, Writer, Journalist, Mental Health Advocate, Author, Maverick of Mental Health; Ramona Williams, Behaviour Change Communication Officer, Maverick of Health; Oliver Samuels, Actor and Comedian, Maverick of Comedy; Carole Beckford, Founder of Carole Beckford and Associates, Maverick of Sports; Dushyant Savadia, Founder and CEO at Amber Group, and Ambassador and Special Investment Envoy for Technology for the Government of Jamaica, Maverick of Technology; and Jody Brown, Teacher of the Year, Maverick of Education.

Free Jamaica and Free The World

Sherry created The Pitch Fanzine platform in 2015 to challenge inequality, discrimination, and the lack of diversity in the creative industries.  Sherry later created the movement, Free Jamaica and free the world, sharing stories of her life lessons learned age 6-13, growing up in Jamaica’s garden parish, while leading The Pitch Fanzine’s network of inclusive super creative people to Jamaica to collaborate, share knowledge and create job opportunities in the advertising, film, animation, theatre, and music industries.

Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica

Sherry’s magazine, Pitch, champions and showcases outstanding creative talent doing good for their communities and the world.  Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica are being celebrated with their own Pitch magazine cover, feature interview sharing their stories, promotions on The Pitch Fanzine’s platform and socials and in Sherry’s Wednesdays at 2:30pm Newsletter, shared with her network.

Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica have been selected by Sherry on the following criteria, after a three-year search:

Mavericks are original and talented people dedicated to their craft.

Mavericks are respected by those around them, whom they influence to up their game. 

Mavericks are always carving out new paths and new ways of doing things.

Mavericks are recognized as unique by their family, friends, and community.

Mavericks glow with positive energy while being humble. 

Mavericks are kind and selfless.

Mavericks are always looking to support those around them.

Mavericks are leaders of the world.

Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica will be offered the opportunity to collaborate with Sherry and The Pitch Fanzine’s network of inclusive super creative people on creative projects, initiatives, and campaigns uplifting the Jamaican people.

Pitch Mavericks of Jamaica, Part 2, will be published in 2026. Mavericks will be celebrated and offered opportunities in the creative industries.

Visit The Pitch Fanzine platform to learn more.

Photo – Pitch Fanzine

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