From being knocked out cold to Street Bike champion- the story of Nicholas Boodhram

The day is November 16, 2014.

Heeranand ‘Nicholas’ Boodhram lays still under the clubhouse.

There is a deafening silence at South Dakota, as race officials and the medical team on the ground work feverishly to aid the 19-year old regain consciousness.

Minutes earlier, the brakes on Boodhram’s 2012 Yamaha R6 had failed as he approached the old ‘Turn 2.’

His life flashes right before his eyes as momentum sends him crashing into the sandy banks.

He is knocked unconscious.

As the injured rider is airdashed to the city for emergency medical attention, his future as a competitive biker is uncertain, his very existence challenged by his innate desire to live life on the fast lane.

Flashback! Heeranand ‘Nicholas’ Boodhram competing at South Dakota on November 16, 2014. Later that day he would veer off the track after a brakes failure (Photo: Rohindra Mahase)


These are the risks motor-racers face when they take to the grid.

The harsh reality is that there is an obvious element of danger that comes with speed and adrenaline and Boodhram had to experience that in the most unfortunate way, and on the biggest stage of all- the November race meet.

Damaged nerves in the left hand required surgical treatment in New York to fully restore function in the arm, and he would spend the next five months recovering in the USA.

At that point, although the love for racing was still there, it was the least of Boodhram’s interest; getting back to full health was foremost on his mind.

Heeranand ‘Nicholas’ Boodhram with the chequered flag at the ENet Caribbean Clash of Champions (Photo: News Room/Shaconeil Burnette/November 5, 2023)

Nearly a decade later, fully recovered but with memories of that fateful day still lingering, Boodhram has been crowned the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s 2023 Street Bikes champion after an almost flawless season.

It’s a story that can be linked to the salient words of the American writer Williams Arthur Ward: “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”

While Boodhram many not have broken any record of sorts in this instance, he has proven that it’s not how hard you fall- as in his case literally- but how quickly you can get back on your feet.

“After my accident, I still had love for racing, watching my friends and brother (Heemand Boodhram) participate,” he reflected.

“Everyone was always advising me to stay away from bikes because of the how serious the accident was, but I always had intentions to participate again, once the feeling is good. I love racing motorcycles and I will to continue doing so.”

The rider with his biggest fan, his seven-year-old daughter Amaiya

Powering a 2020 Yamaha R6, sponsored by VALS Construction, Luminous, Belco Exim Port, CMS and Pristine Auto Detailing, Boodhram finished the year with a staggering 176 points, finishing on the podium in each of the eight Street Bike races in 2023.

With his biggest fan- his seven-year-old daughter Amaiya at every race meet- Boodhram copped five wins, two second place finishes and a third.

Shem Chattersingh was second overall with 123 points, followed by Dowayne Caesar with 85.

“It feels great to be crowned the champion of the year because I never expected to jump on and be so fast right away,” Boodhram told News Room Sport after his first full season following the accident.

“I had a great season and was very consistent. I always try to think ahead of my competitors to try to have that edge and speed in front of them.”

Always one to strive for excellence, Boodhram said he is extremely determined to improve his craft, and would usually pick the brain of the faster competitors in the Super Stock class.

Boodhram said the fearlessness he had prior to the accident has not diminished one bit, and the impetus of winning the championship has further lifted his confidence.

“I always try to get better and not be comfortable where I am currently.”

“I would like to dedicate this win to our late friend Amit Singh. You will ride on forever.”

With a title to defend next season, Boodhram has vowed to take it up a few notches in 2024 and hug the limelight yet again.

It seems the logical thing to do after the unfortunate events of 2014 kept him in the background for far too long.