10-Year-Old Mariann Morgan is the Face of Achievement at Redwood Primary School in Saint Catherine

Mariann Morgan, a remarkable 10-year-old student from Redwood Primary School, has achieved an extraordinary honor by becoming the youngest child ever to be included on a mural at her school in Jamaica. The unveiling of this awe-inspiring artwork took place on November 2, 2023, at Redwood Primary School, marking a momentous occasion for both Mariann and the entire school community.

Mariann Morgan’s Academic Achievements

Mariann’s inclusion on the mural is a testament to her exceptional talent and achievements. Late last year, she emerged as the victor of the prestigious Peter Gracey’s This is Jamaica Poetry Scholarship Competition 2022, an impressive accomplishment in itself. Her poetic prowess and outstanding performance not only secured her the coveted scholarship but also earned her the distinguished role of ambassador for the competition.

Adrianna Clark, President of THIS IS JAMAICA stated, “The mural is a vibrant and captivating masterpiece, serves as a visual celebration of Mariann’s triumphs, immersing the school grounds in a wave of inspiration and pride. As Mariann attends school each day, she will be greeted by the empowering sight of her own image, reminding her of her incredible journey and accomplishments.

Peter Gracey This Is Jamaican Mural with Mariann Morgan & Redwood Primary School Teacher – TIJ 2023 Poetry Winners

Inspiration for Jamaica’s Youth

Mr. Peter Gracey, who is the poet and author of the popular poem “This is Jamaica”, and also the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative for the Southern United States, said in a statement, “The psychological effects of such encouragement cannot be overstated. Seeing her picture on the mural while attending school will undoubtedly instill a deep sense of confidence, self-belief, and motivation within Mariann. It serves as a constant reminder of her own potential, reinforcing the notion that dreams can indeed be turned into reality with hard work and perseverance. This is exactly what the THIS IS JAMAICA organization is about. Our mission is to empower the children of Jamaica to restore and preserve their culture through poetry and the creative arts”.

Marianne’s achievement represents a beacon of hope for all young students, demonstrating that age is no barrier to greatness.

Redwood Primary’s principal, Mrs Evanne McCoy reminded us that “Redwood Primary School prides itself on nurturing talent and providing a supportive environment for its students to excel. The inclusion of Mariann’s image on the mural symbolizes the school’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of its young learners.”

The THIS IS JAMAICA Organization, the Jamaica Diaspora Council in the Southern United States and Redwood Primary School, extend their deepest congratulations to Mariann Morgan for her extraordinary achievements and for becoming an inspiration to children across Jamaica. The school also expresses its gratitude to Peter Gracey’s “This is Jamaica” Poetry Scholarship Competition for recognizing Mariann’s immense talent and providing her with a platform to shine.

Photo – This is Jamaica

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