‘Diwali lets Guyana show the world its unique diversity’ – PPP

See below full message from the People’s Progressive Party: 

As our nation celebrates the festival of Deepavali, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend greetings to all Guyanese, especially the Hindu community.

Deepavali commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and his triumphant return to the kingdom after years of exile. The jubilant subjects of Ayodhya, keen to make Lord Rama’s homecoming as swift and safe as possible, illuminated the way with masses of twinkling diyas.

Universally recognized as the festival of light; the triumph of knowledge over ignorance and the substitution of all that is negative with that which is positive, we call on all Guyanese, in particular our Hindu brothers and sisters, to reflect upon the significance of this great festival and to inculcate its message into our daily lives.

Occasions such as these present the opportunity for all of our people to display to the world, as one nation, the beauty and uniqueness of our cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity and tolerance.

Let us all remain open to be inspired by its pertinent messages and to work for the best interest of our country so that the light of prosperity will manifest itself in our lives, building stronger bonds of togetherness.

Shubh Deepavali to All!