House used for storage at Alexander Village gutted by fire

The fire at the house (Photo: News Room/ November 12, 2023)

Bobby Ray, the neighbour from the eastern side, told the News Room that he was awaken by the commotion.

He said persons tried to get water from his yard to form a bucket brigade to extinguish the fire.

“The gate was locked, the grill was closed [and] because it was night time you could see the flames.

“They throw buckets of water but couldn’t get to the fire because it was enclosed and right after that, within minutes, everything was engulfed and then the fire people came and when they came they didn’t have water. They had to use backup and pump water from the trench and that’s what saved us,” Ray said.

The remains of the items that were in storage (Photo: News Room/ November 13, 2023)

Meanwhile, another neighbour from the western side of the building, Raj Kumar recounted what happened.

“When I get up to check, I see the whole downstairs on fire. People called the fire (service) and we tried to salvage what we have in we house because the fire was so much it come til upstairs where I living.

“The fire service did a good job because they contained the fire from coming over,” Kumar said.

The side of his house has was scorched and the windows have to be replaced. He said no one knows how the fire started and that the owners only visit the house from time to time.