Paragon Energy bringing custom-built trucks & trusted products to Guyana market

The 6×6 (Megatron Series), truck

“As a local company, we believe it is necessary to support the development in our country. As such, we at Paragon Energy are proud to be the only company in Guyana offering custom-built trucks from our supplier in China with a three chassis system, extra springs at the front and back, inch and a half steel body, custom seats and specially-tuned engines,” Paragon Energy’s Business Development Manager Alexander DeFreitas said.

The units are also 100% manual so there are no fault codes or equipment failures expected. The custom-built trucks do not have other issues faced by the other trucks in the market including computer box failures. The trucks were recently launched at Movietowne, Turkeyen, Georgetown.

The Arabian Petroleum product distributed

Further, DeFreitas highlighted, “We are so confident in our product and the performance of our equipment that we offer a one-year warranty programme, bumper to bumper. Within that period, if anything fails, we replace it immediately.”

That level of service and commitment features prominently for all other products offered by Paragon Energy. Those products include: lubricants, tires and equipment.

For lubricants, Paragon Energy represents and distributes Arabian Petroleum-Arizol and AMCO’s product line. These lubricants are for diesel lubricant lines and work with engines, transmissions, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. That means Paragon Energy offered lubricants for every application in the mining, transportation and marine sectors. They also offer lubricants for gasoline applications in their Atlantic and Shell lines. Paragon Energy’s tire lines are of the Annarite brand, and come with a one year or one million miles warranty, another show of confidence in their products by the company.

The tried-and-tested products are backed by Paragon Energy’s incomparable commitment to exceptional service. The team is readily available, 24 hours daily, to produce rapid support as necessary. If a client’s equipment needs servicing at 10PM on a Sunday night, the services required will be offered.

Looking ahead, Paragon Energy wants to do more to support the growth of Guyana. Resultantly, the company is hoping to establish a truck assembly factory right in Guyana. That venture will benefit significantly from the government’s plans to lower the cost of energy by 50% through the forthcoming Wales gas-to-energy project; and will provide an opportunity for the building of local skills and capacities and broaden opportunities in the job market.

DeFreitas noted that Paragon Energy is currently engaged in robust negotiations with its partners in China to bring a test sample of trucks to be built from chassis to a complete working unit here to Guyana.

Through this venture, Chinese engineers and other technical specialists will be in Guyana to train Guyanese. This is important because Paragon Energy believes in transferring skills and knowledge to Guyanese.

About Paragon Energy

Paragon Energy is a 100% family-owned, first-generation company that was founded in 2021. The company is focused on providing quality lubricants, commercial tires and equipment that are best-suited to the Guyana market. As its name, Paragon, suggests, the company focuses on offering excellent products and services. Paragon Energy also leverages the experiences of its sister company, Paramount Group Guyana, which has been active in the logging and transportation sector for over 15 years.

Paragon Energy is located at 27 Albert Street, Georgetown. Company representatives can be contacted on: 223-2956 (office number) and 707-1525 (24/7 Duty Number on WhatsApp). (Paragon Energy press release)