Inter-Guiana Games 2023: Guyana soars to 42 medals in Track and Field

Ezekiel Newton blazed to gold in the 200m final (PHOTO: Guyana Chronicle/Calvin Chapman)


Guyana and Suriname played a 1-1 draw, with Omar Sam netting his third in two matches.

Guyana had defeated French Guiana 2-0 a day prior.

However, the female side lost 8-0 to Suriname.


Guyana’s male chess team lost to the host in an epic battle. Playing on board three, Alexander Zang’s game erupted into an exciting battle of strategy versus tactics.

Zang made a blunder in the driver’s seat that sacrificed his extra bishop and instantly drew the game.

On board two,  Recardo Narine took home the victory by probing weaknesses all over the board for his opponent.

He eventually reached the endgame with a rook up against two pawns, after which he proudly brought home the win.

Nicholas Zhang fought hard, but he failed to hold on to the drawn position and eventually collapsed at the very end.

Kyle Couchman fought a battle of sheer will to make his team proud and bring home the win for his country but fell short after making a critical error on the king’s side, causing him to make some bad exchanges and giving himself some pawn weakness.

Couchman created counterplay on the queen side with a passed pawn and took the game by force, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win as the damage to the king side was too much to bare, and he eventually collapsed.

Suriname won the match 2.5-1.5.

Javon Roberts got gold in the 800m


Paula Kalekeyzi and Kimora Erskine showcased their dominance, emerging undefeated in the Girls’ U18 and U12 categories.

Kalekeyzi’s standout performance unfolded at the #2 singles spot, where she exhibited impressive control, dropping a mere six games overall.

Her victories included a decisive 6/1 – 6/1 against French Guiana’s Mila Bellony and a commanding 6/3 – 6/1 over Suriname’s Guillianne Koele.

In the U12 division, K. Erskine demonstrated her skill with a solid 6/4 – 6/2 triumph against French Guiana’s Alicia Garrido and a hard-fought 7/5 – 6/4 win over Suriname’s Zaira at the #2 singles spot.

Other notable results from the competition include Niomi Erskine’s success in the Girls’ U12 category, where she secured a victory against Suriname’s Ileen Bruining but faced a tough challenge against French Guiana’s Angie Flaming.

In the Boys’ U12 division, the competition saw Jonathan Jordan facing defeats at the #1 spot, falling to French Guiana’s Loyd Jully and Suriname’s Joel Tjin a Sjoe.

Meanwhile, Alexander Parkinson struggled at the #2 spot, succumbing to French Guiana’s Lucas Garrido and Suriname’s Alex Muringen.

Turning to Girls’ U18, Renola Jordan encountered tough battles at the #2 spot, losing to French Guiana’s Marine Mercurio and Suriname’s Sarah Marhe.

In the Boys’ U18 category, Gerald Scotland faced challenges at the #1 spot, defeated by French Guiana’s Mathis Pitta and Suriname’s Dexter Koorndijk. Denzel Luthers, at the #2 spot, had a challenging day, losing to French Guiana’s Nathan Wing Hing Chang and Suriname’s Mireldo King.