Public Service: Managers get training to improve professionalism

The Prime Minister Brigadier Ret’d Mark Phillips addressing the Personnel Practictioners within the Ministry of Public Service (Photo DPI November 20, 2023)

The Prime Minister said the performance issue must be nipped in the bud from the managerial level. He suggested that performance reports, holding employees accountable and ensuring that workers deliver on their daily tasks, can assist with improving the services offered by these agencies and organisations.

“Rewards don’t have to be a 10 per cent or 20 per cent in salary only, [it can be] opportunities for further training, represent us at this conference.

“Providing opportunities for growth and advancement and improvement in knowledge transfers are vital for future-proofing the organisations and minimizing disruptions during leadership transitions,” the Prime Minister said.

Personnel working at different government agencies are responsible for the recruitment, management and efficiency in the delivery of services at that agency.

In many instances, these senior personnel are tasked with finding the workers for specific projects to be done at government agencies and according to Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag, it is no easy feat.

She explained that in many instances the staff are juggling multiple tasks at once while managing their personal lives. The Minister urged the employees to be analytical thinkers when carrying out any objective to ensure the best possible result.

“Not because you have ten [open spots] you have to fill ten. You fill enough to carry out your mandate.

“If you have 20 people, examine that unit and see how many people in that unit is carrying the weight of that unit, how many persons are efficiently carrying the weight to carry out that mandate,” Minister Parag said.

Minister Parag also said that the Ministry has strict policies that ensures that workers are properly entered into the system.

She said that in ensuring that positions are filled at different agencies, the Ministry relies heavily on the personnel department.