WCB murder: Two arrested following discovery of woman’s body

Charles was found dead in the bushes at the Experiment Housing Scheme with a total of 10 stab wounds about the body on November 19, 2023.

When Police arrived, the body was found in the nude. A multi-coloured top with suspected blood stain, a short hard pants, a bra and an underwear were found next to the body. The pants, bra and underwear were cut opened and a used condom with wrapper were also found next to the feet.

Police said Charles was drinking at the Level Up Bar in Bath Settlement on Saturday night with her relatives and a male and female friend. Sometime around 22:00 hrs, her relatives left the bar, leaving Charles in the company of her friends.

An unknown person called 911 around 12:10 hrs Sunday and reported that the body of a female was found at the Experiment New Housing Scheme.