Border controversy: Gov’t ministers going to ‘frontier’ communities to quell residents’ concerns

protect the country from any future aggressions from the Spanish-speaking nation.

He also said persons should not fall prey to any propaganda on social media or misinformation being spread elsewhere.

He believes that people should rely on official channels of communication and trust that the information received and being disseminated is “of exceptional standard.”

The President did, however, agree that a more robust communications strategy is needed to quell people’s concerns and provide factual information. He said the government will work alongside members of the local media corps to execute this strategy.

Responding directly to reports of residents in border communities being urged to move away, the President said that should not be the case. In fact, he sought to assure people that the government is taking all steps needed to guarantee Guyana’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The border controversy is squarely before the World Court and Guyana hopes for a final, binding settlement there that reaffirms the 1899 Arbitral Award that established the existing boundary between itself and Venezuela.

Essentially, Guyana wants the court to reaffirm that the Essequibo region is its own.