Vendors outside Muneshwers Ltd to vacate before January 15

The notice that was given to the vendors

The Court Order stemmed from a series of complaints that goes back 15 years and was granted by Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George earlier this month. The Mayor and City Council was mandated to seize the goods of vendors operating around the premises of Muneshwers Limited.

On November 17, the notice, seen by the News Room, was given to the vendors and informed them that they must immediately remove all pallets, trays, tables, mannequins and other encumbrances from the pavements of Muneshwers Limited.

Failure to adhere will result in the Council removing the items and a storage fee will be implemented.

But the vendors are still plying their trade because Mentore managed to get an agreement between the City Council, Muneshwers, and the vendors.

Samantha, a vendor told the News Room that her bag business has been outside Muneshwers for over 30 years.

“Moving we from here will be a great effect on us, all of us because we aren’t out here because we want to be out here, we have needs, we have our own responsibilities, we have our home that we have to cover.

“If they move we, what are we going to do?” Samantha questioned.

Meanwhile, the Mayor said his concern is finding a solution for vendors who operate along the pavements in Georgetown. He said the temporary breathing ground will soon meet its deadline and by then, there will be additional measures in place.

Samantha, a vendor has been selling bags for over 30 years (Photo: News Room/ November 23, 2023)

“Based on the investment that these vendors would’ve had preparing for the Christmas season, I wanted to make sure that there is a win-win situation for all so that everybody could benefit.

“There is also some additional measures that I will put in place as it relates to blocking the entrance, and other measures of hanging things on the walls and so forth. I have to go back to them to let them know and we are working towards plans to figure out how we will deal with it [the pave vending],” the Mayor told the News Room.