424 Persons benefit from Public Service scholarships

Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag during her remarks. (Photo: DPI/ November 25, 2023)

“One of the mandates of the Ministry of Public Service is to provide the human resource capacity for the public sector,” Minister Parag said.

The minister encouraged the beneficiaries to serve the country well by utilising their knowledge and skillsets to improve the various sectors.

“This is not just for your own investment in an education but this is you contributing nationally to your country, to develop it. It is a great honour and distinction to serve your country,” Minister Parag reminded.

Dr. Dhanraj Baljit, a recent beneficiary of the scholarship and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for the best graduating student in the School of Medicine at the University of Guyana, provided a synopsis on how he was able to accomplish his dreams through government’s investment in his education.

“I realised the true benefits of receiving a complete scholarship. The scholarship covered my entire tuition, included the facility fees and even provided a quarterly stipend. This was of great assistance and relief to my family … It allowed me to be free of the student loan process to completely focus on having a very strong start to the remaining three academic years that I had ahead of me.”

He lauded the monthly stipend issued under the scholarship programme which assists with the procurement of study materials to ensure students’ goals are achieved.

Dr. Dhanraj Baljit, a beneficiary of the MOPS scholarship and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for the best graduating student in the school of Medicine of the University of Guyana. (Photo: DPI/ November 25, 2023)

“With the help of the scholarship that I received from the Public Service Ministry  through the government of Guyana, I was able to afford all the necessary equipment and textbooks that were essential to my success in medical school,” Baljit related.

Gabriel Jilkes, who is studying Information Technology, expressed gratitude that the scholarship programme ensures gainful employment after the completion of studies.

“I am beyond ecstatic about it especially as a person with a disability. I am very happy that I will be able to use this scholarship to help further my education knowing how important it is for a person like me with mobility issues.”

David McLean, who will be pursuing his Master’s Degree in Strategic Development Studies is looking forward to serving his country.

“I am very happy to be a recipient of the Government of Guyana scholarship, it is going to help me tremendously in my career…When I complete my studies, since the Master’s is a one-year programme, I look forward to be appointed to a relevant ministry based on my qualification so that I can continue to assist in the development of Guyana.”

Gabriel Jilkes, Recipient of MOPS scholarship. (Photo: DPI/ November 25, 2023)

The scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to pursue their tertiary education at a variety of institutions, including the University of Guyana, Guyana School of Agriculture, Government Technical Institute, Essequibo Technical Institute, New Amsterdam Technical Institute, Carnegie School of Home Economics, Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School, Texila American University, and the Georgetown American University.

By investing in the human capital of Guyana, the Government is laying the foundation for a brighter future, one where citizens are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to lead the nation towards prosperity and success.