Suriname U-17 Women defeat Guyana to level four-match series

Guyana starting XI prior to the game (Photo: GFF)

Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President Wayne Forde, who attended the match, said the teams were evenly matched and produced exceptional football on both days.

“The teams were evenly matched. I was very proud to see our girls stood their ground and fought with spirit and heart. I was so happy to see the girls celebrating and being in a positive state of mind now that the series is tied at one win each.”

Forde added that the national team is a genuine reflection of Guyanese talent, comprising girls from Moruca Village in the North West District, Orealla Village in East Berbice-Corentyne, and Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, in addition to players from abroad.

“We’re expecting them to deliver good results at the end of the international friendly series. So far we are extremely pleased with their performance. I think this is a true representation of a Guyanese national team.”

The team is regrouping in preparation for their final two international friendlies on December 16 and 17 in Suriname.

Junior Lady Jags Head Coach Delon Williams expressed disappointment about the loss but commended his squad for putting up a strong challenge.

“The girls came out again today (Sunday) and the energy we give here…we can’t complain. The girls keep getting better and as the programme is a developmental tournament…we’re getting to see new girls come into the pool…so we have a wider pool to pick from.”

Regarding the upcoming away games, he added, “we look forward to this challenge.”

Suriname’s Head Coach Brian Wales acknowledged Guyana’s strong performance in both games, but emphasised that his focus was on securing Sunday’s win to even out the series.

“Guyana, they played very well. The games in Suriname that we won there were very different from the games we played today and yesterday. Guyana’s team was much better, they played very good. Today our mission was to win the game no matter what,” he said.

GFF Technical Director Bryan Joseph, Competitions Director Troy Peters and representatives from Suriname were among those present at the match.

The international friendly series marks the conclusion of the 2023 competitive season for both teams, with the last two matches set to be held in Suriname on December 16 and 17.