PM Browne affirms support for Guyana’s territorial integrity

The attention of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has been brought to a story published on December 3rd, in an internet news portal called, “Antigua News”, which attributed certain remarks to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, regarding Guyana and Venezuela.

The Prime Minister affirms categorically that his position, and that of his government, aligns fully with the public statement of CARICOM issued on December 1st,  which recognises the territorial integrity of Guyana and supports the process at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as the legal and peaceful means of dealing with this matter.

The Prime Minister said that his government rejects aggression of any kind, and insists that the Caribbean region must remain a zone of peace in the interest of the well-being and prosperity of the region’s people.

The Prime Minister added that, as recently, as yesterday he spoke with the Presidents of Brazil and Cuba asking them to urge President Maduro to respect the decision of the ICJ.