Dog owner charged with manslaughter after pit bulls attack, kill intoxicated man

Latchminen Permaul

Latchminen Permaul called ‘Blackboy’ of lot 249 Hampshire, Topoo, Corentyne, Berbice was killed after three pit bulls attacked him on Tuesday January 16.

Sandra Permaul, 61, the wife of the deceased, told police that her husband left home on Monday January 15 at approximately 17:00 hrs and headed to a liquor shop in Topoo and imbibed for quite some time.

It is alleged that the man left the shop and was making his way home but stopped at some point and rested on the street corner. The wife said she was informed by her son the next morning that his father was lying on the street corner and that three pitbull dogs that escaped from a nearby yard attacked the now-dead man.

The police were subsequently contacted and summoned to the gruesome scene where closer examination of the body showed bite marks on both legs, right hip and right hand. The neck of the man was torn apart.

A post mortem report conducted on the body of the deceased revealed that he died from multiple lacerations and shock and hemorrhage.