Jamaican Food Writer Jacqueline Greaves Brings Taste of the Island to Milan

In December 2023, Jamaican food writer, Jacqueline Greaves, brought the flavors of the island to a high-profile gathering of design and lifestyle professionals hosted by the Jamaican-born Milan-based fashion blogger, Tamu McPherson, and the editor-at-large of NSS magazine, Jordan Anderson.

The event was also made special by the support of sponsors. Bitossi Home, renowned for its exquisite table décor, adorned the tables and will continue to do so for upcoming charity initiatives by Greaves.

The Guests

The 22 people invited to the tasty event represented the top-level of the design and lifestyle sector of Milan, frequently considered the international design capital. The guests enjoyed networking and collaborating, along with displaying their appreciation for the culture, art, and cuisine of Jamaica. Individuals attending the event were Francesca Marani of Vogue Italia; editor of Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Sofia Celeste; New York Times design and lifestyle writer, Laura May Todd; and celebrated ballet star Roberto Bolle, who has a strong love for Jamaica.

The Menu

The menu showcased Jamaica’s cuisine, with offerings curated by Greaves. The dishes included Greaves’s homemade beef patties, codfish-vegetable fritters with escoveitch sauce, ackee and saltfish served with coconut ginger rice, and a chickpea curry with vegetables. Guests also enjoyed Jamaican beverages like sorrel rum punch made with Appleton rum; coconut/ginger/lime rice; curried fried chicken featuring a Caribbean green sauce; and ackee and saltfish. The food was served on platters from the tableware and household items line from Bitossi Home.

About Jacqueline Greaves

Jacqueline Greaves Monda was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to New York when she was ten years old. Traditional Jamaican foods featuring influences from Africa, Asia, and Europe were the norm in her home. Following her marriage to a Southern Italian, she moved to Rome, which inspired her to incorporate another ancient tradition marked by influences of the regional culinary customs of Italy. Greaves noted that living in Italy required her to be adaptable and also inventive. “A Jamaican woman always needs her own spices, aromas, and peppers,” she explained. Using her Caribbean spirit, Greaves became adept at combining new ingredients and flavors in her cooking as well as looking for commonalities between the Jamaican and Italian culinary traditions. Her field research into cooking was made richer through discussions with friends and family of both nations, an adventure that she said helped her to learn the Italian language and become comfortable in a new country. Greaves returned to the United States in 1994 where she and her husband Antonio created a literary salon in New York City that combines conversation with food. She decided to create her own Caribbean-Italian fusion cuisine by creating meals for parties of four to 140. She makes frequent trips to Italy and Jamaica to refresh her inspiration and knowledge of these national cuisines.

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