First 60 Laing Avenue residents receive $15M in home improvement subsidy

A batch of 60 Laing Avenue residents benefitted from the home improvement subsidy (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/January 29, 2024)

He said the distribution is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to improving the lives of citizens.

Similarly, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal said all of the housing programmes being rolled out are geared towards ensuring that every citizen can live a comfortable life.

“Our programmes are geared towards ensuring that different levels of our society can be able to be part of the developmental process and we are taking about housing.

“The first 60 vouchers that are being handed over today…we are talking in terms of $15M being provided to you so that you can conduct some sort of repairs that is relevant for your priority, whether it is to address leakage, window change or changing of the walls,” Croal said.

And with these programmes, Croal advised that there is “absolutely” no need for squatting.

In fact, he said the government has already allocated 30,000 of the 50,000 house lots they have committed to deliver by 2025.

And within the next two years, the remaining 20,000 will be allocated.

“We have already started on 2024…So persons who are waiting in the system, they will be addressed. There is a right way to do things. There is absolutely no need for squatting,” Croal said.

Jermone Basdeo, who has been living in Laing Avenue since 1962 will be utilising the subsidy to repair his roof.

“I feel good. I mean this is nice of the government to help the people…Juts the roof top I got to do and I got my complete house,” Basdeo told the News Room.

Meanwhile, Norma Lashley said she could not afford to repair her house due to other commitments.

“I have to do things like the window, the step, one of the bedroom, the flooring is not good…and I have to change my front door,” she said.

To benefit from the subsidy, residents were required to provide proof of identification and home ownership.