Update: Stepfather, peacemaker chopped to death by jilted boyfriend

turned deadly on Friday night at Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Dead are 51-year-old Floudy Moore also known as “Kinga,” and 34-year-old Quacky LaRose also known as “Bloodie Eye”, 34, both of Alness Village, Corentyne.

The suspect, identified as Devon Stanley, 32, a cane harvester of Ulverston Village, Corentyne, has since been arrested.

The News Room understands that Moore and a female at the location shared a relationship; he was also her stepfather. However, the suspect also shared a relationship with the female.

Reports indicate that Moore showed up at the house late Friday night and found the suspect and the woman in bed.

It is alleged that the suspect armed himself with a cutlass and chopped Moore on his neck and about his body.

LaRose, who also lived at the house, attempted to intervene when the suspect ran him to a nearby yard and chopped him to death.

Meanwhile, the suspect then escaped to Liverpool Village, Corentyne where police carried out several searches but came up empty handed.

He eventually turned himself over to the Whim Police Station in the presence of a relative.