First Lady commissions two new parks in Region Six

The play area at the park. (Photo: Office of the First Lady)

She highlighted too that parks also provide a sense of identity and belonging to community members, as they are a focal point in communities where people of different ethnic groups, religious backgrounds, and even social class converge to share experiences.

Such informal interactions, Mrs Ali said, encourage social cohesion and strengthen bonds. Additionally, she underscored the fact that facilities such as these also serve to create employment opportunities for residents of the communities.

“Apart from the persons who were employed to design and build these parks, we will have part-time workers managing them and that will create additional employment opportunities for the residents of these communities,” she said.

A section of the play park. (Photo: Office of the First Lady)

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman of Region Six, David Armogan commended the initiative by the First Lady which he said is greatly appreciated by the residents of those communities.

Armogan was also keen to point out that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government continues to make investments in projects which provide a better life for the Guyanese people.

He said that the addition of these parks to the region will complement the massive development taking place in Region Six.

The National Beautification Project aims to safeguard the scenic qualities of Guyana’s roadways, urban spaces, and countryside through scenic revitalization, and promote social cohesion through community development and recreational activities.