Canal Bank gets new $3.5M boat, engine to support educational development

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag and Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal journeyed to the riverine community to commission the boat and engine.

So, he said no longer are teachers required to travel to Georgetown to be trained as the service is now offered in the region.

“As a Government we will continue to work hard with every community,” he said.

Highlighting that more resources are being injected into villages, Croal charged regional leaders to ensure that all community members are involved in decision-making.

“Just like how you asked the Government for transparency, for accountability, to ensure that we have that, we want to see the same at the village level.

“So please ensure that all of your community is involved in decision making…Once they are involved you will get things done,” he urged.

While, Minister Parag said the delivery, like any other will impact the lives of every citizen, particularly the children.

“The impact is that all the children, the children who have not been to school because they can’t get there because of transportation and they cannot further their education…this boat is going to provide that opportunity for them to be able to get an education,” Parag said.

She pledged that the government will continue to invest to ensure that all communities are developed, with emphasis being placed on priority issues.

“Even if you live in the riverine areas, rural or even in the urban areas we want to ensure that equal access to these opportunities,” Parag said.

The boat with the engine will be utilized mainly by children who attend the Canal Bank Primary School and Port Kaituma Secondary School.