CANU searches, operations above board –  James Singh 

Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’ (ag.) Ravindradat Budhram and Head of CANU James Singh

He added: “As you are aware sometimes our operations are current spur of the moment, acting on information. Someone may call in or as a result of surveillance at that moment the suspect is moving a large quantity of drugs either by boat and we have to act right away.”

He also defended providing information to the media following the arrest of a suspect and said it is to maintain pellucidity.

“When someone is arrested when there is an indication that we are going to charge that person, their information is released publicly so it does two things.

“If I conduct an operation on someone’s home and say there is a large quantity of drugs and that information is not released, it lends to suspicious, conspiracies, we want to be transparent, we are not here to embarrass anyone but if we find a large amount of drugs in your house we are going to process you, we are going to publish the information so the press can see we are being transparent,” Singh revealed.

Singh also acknowledged instances where cooperation from suspects and insufficient evidence may lead to deferred charges.

Meanwhile, he noted that the agency has cases where large drugs were seized and ranks took photos and shared them with other colleagues but noted “We don’t have a problem with people taking photographs, you are part of an operation you have a sense of pride, but let us mark the photographs first because we don’t want it to be misused or end up in the wrong hands.”

Similarly, while suspects are allowed to record operations, there are restrictions to recording the ranks involved to protect their safety.

“We have no problem if someone is walking behind us ensuring we didn’t break this or that, so yeah but not taking the photograph of a person or myself, we have to look at their safety and security too.”

Singh further cautioned against the misuse of recorded videos/photos, highlighting instances of social media posts endangering ranks’ lives.