Five homeless after fire ravages Rose Hall house

Maylin Sookraj and what remains of the house ravaged by the fire

Both Matura and his wife believe the fire was caused by an electrical source.

There were no prior electrical issues that gave the family any cause for concern before but the couple noted that the blaze ripped through the building in a short period of time, even before firefighters could save anything.

“Abe couldn’t save nothing, everything destroy, everything,” Maylin lamented.

Meanwhile, Maylin also disclosed that they lost approximately $300,000 cash in the blaze; that sum is the family’s savings from Matura’s cane harvester’s salary.

She added that their next move is to find somewhere to live but they do not know where to turn considering they are out of cash and any valuables.

They are estimating a loss of over $3 million excluding the cost of the building.

The family is open to accepting any assistance that would help them get back on their feet. Persons desirous of doing so can contact them on 650-8356.