Pace and Power Gym stars at monthly schoolboy boxing tournament

Pace and Power Gym emerged as the champion gym, while Keyon Britton of Vergenoegen copped the best boxer accolade at the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) monthly schoolboy championship at the Andrew ‘Six Head’ Lewis facility in Albouystown.

Pace and Power won seven bouts, three against fighters from rival gyms. They suffered two defeats to rival Vergenoegen, who finished in the runner-up position in the champion gym standings.

Pace and Power’s performance led to trainer Clifton Barker being awarded the best coach.

Meanwhile, Britton secured the top individual prize, defeating Yusuf Edwards (Pace and Power) in the 46-48KG division via a referee-stop contest in round 3.

Also, Jermaine Craig was awarded the best referee/judge accolade.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle said, “The success of this initiative adds another vital layer to our boxing philosophy. Our youth programme or nursery has always been the bedrock or foundation of our prolonged success in the region. Such concepts are directly linked to competitive prosperity.

The GBA understands that constant evolution is a fundamental element of the time, and the introduction of new gyms and the unearthing of new talents, which was the initial inspiration and objective of the programme, have proven to be the best example of how to improve the sport’s overall quality.”

Meanwhile, Terrence Poole, the GBA’s technical director, who administers the initiative, said, “The programme is important, and so far, we are making a lot of progress and seeing and discovering talents. We have some new gyms and new fighters, and that is what this programme is all about, which is expanding the sport.”

List of results: 


Ezekiel Barratt (Pace and Power) vs Komani Bacchus (Pace and Power). Barratt won via abandonment in round 2.


Junior Madray (Pace and Power) vs Aaron Filleen (Vergenoegen): Madray won via decision.


Akeem Quintin (Pace and Power) vs Ezekiel Witwright (Vergenoegen): Quintin won via decision.


Dreshawn Willery (Pace and Power) vs Nicholas Ashby (Pace and Power): Willery won by decision.


Isaiah Ashby (Pace and Power) vs Rayon France (Vergenoegen): Ashby won via walkover.


Keyon Britton (Vergenoegen) vs Yusuf Edwards (Pace and Power): Edwards won via a referee-stop contest in round 3.


Akeem Johnson (Vergenoegen) vs Lennox Lawrence (Pace and Power): Johnson won via abandonment in round 1.


Isaiah Ruiz (Pace and Power) vs Jaheim Ashby (Pace and Power): Ruiz won via a referee-stop contest in round 3.

57-59 KG

Ken Harvey (Pace and Power) vs. Khumda Alexander (Pace and Power): Harvey won via decision.


Shemroy Wintz (New Amsterdam Boxing Academy) vs Jofes Jackson (New Amsterdam Boxing Academy): Wintz won via a referee-stop contest in round 3.


Daniel Denard (Bailey Boxing Gym) vs Shane Caesar (New Amsterdam Boxing Academy): Denard won via decision.