‘Hatred, animosity and discord must never win’- Hindu Dharmic Sabha urges

See below full message from the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha:

As the world celebrates the festival of Spring and colors, Phagwah, I extend greetings to all of Guyana.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha reminds all of the powerful and unifying messages enshrined in this ancient and lovely festival on the Hindu calendar which resonate with all people; the triumph of good over evil and removal of all negativities and vices, the promotion equality and brotherhood, love and unity and a reminder to strengthen one’s connection with Bhagwan.

The word “Phagwah” is derived from the Hindu month, Phalgun. Its synonym Holi comes from the Sanskrit word “hola’ meaning grains, reminding us of the festival’s linkage to agriculture and a bountiful harvest.

It also heralds the advent of Spring and the Hindu New Year.

Phagwah or Holi is the festival that reminds us emphatically of the love we should share with all. Smearing colors representing the blooms of Spring on each other effectively erases differences and epitomizes the message that the world is one family. The very act of smearing each other with these vibrant colours effectually removes barriers and differences and sends visible signs that hatred, animosity and discord must never win over love and unity.

Phagwah is embraced by Guyanese and is a unifying and inclusive festival and over the years, in our beautiful land of Guyana, people of all walks of life, ethnicity and faith have engaged in playing Phagwah, and the world has admired our togetherness. Let that spirit always prevail in our country to forge national fraternity cutting across every divide to remind us that our destinies are intertwined and that our common goal is the good of our country.

Spiritually, Phagwah advocates implicit faith in God and urges the aspirant to embody divine and positive qualities which will bring them closer to God. The festival also espouses optimism and a strong sense of confidence in Bhagwan Krishna to alleviate all adversity in our lives.

I urge the Hindu community to attend their mandirs for satsangh and the burning of Holika, and to have deep and unflinching faith in Bhagwan as Prince Prahalad did.

Holika Dahan epitomizes the triumph of good over evil within and without. It reminds us all to stand strong against adharma (unrighteousness) and embrace the power of prayers. As Prahalad did, let us always fight against injustice and unrighteousness so that all people can prosper in love, peace and unity.

Every mandir must ensure that their Holika Dahan satsangh reverberates with prayers and chants and that upon the burning of Holika that the melodies of spring reverberate in the air. Chowtaal, ulaara, jati and dhamar will remind us of the advent of spring.

On Phagwah Day, attend your various mandirs for special Phagwah or Holi Satsangh, pray, sing and color each other affectionately with abrackand abeer spreading love and hope.

Join the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha on Phagwah morning at the Rama Krishna Dharmic Mandir, Barr Street, Kitty for special Holi Satsangh.

Conclude Holi celebrations with Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha across the country with our Praants in Berbice, Essequibo and Demerara and with us centrally for Holi Utsav at the Everest Ground from 4:00pm. Enjoy performances by artistes from India, Guyana and Surinam. Strictly no alcohol is allowed.

Shubh Holi from Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.