From mud dam to concrete road, Black Bush Polder get much-needed upgrades

Camache Leonard, resident

Longtime resident, Camache Leonard, expressed her joy and relief for the new infrastructure.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) recently, Leonard recalled the difficulties of navigating the muddy paths for decades.

Road upgrades in Black Bush Polder, Region Six (Photo: DPI)

“For 50 years we lived with this dam very bad; we punish from this road. When the whole place flood I had to walk with a stick and come out; fall, get up back.  Now with the new road, we could go to the market and come home with the vehicle till to our house. I thank the government for making this nice road,” the 70-year-old resident shared.

Tina Harry, resident

Tina Harry underscored the impact the mud dam had on school-going children particularly hers.

Nonetheless, she expressed her gratitude to the government for the new road, emphasising the benefits it brings to the entire community.

“Since the children used to go primary school, they go through mud till they go high school and now they get the road to go to high school and it’s a benefit for everyone,” Harry shared.

Vastie David, resident

Vastie David shared similar sentiments while highlighting the improved accessibility for school children.

She said “The road is alright for the school children. It was hard when the rain fell, you didn’t want to come out. Now you get a smooth street to ride your motorbike.”

Basmattie Leonard also expressed gratitude and emphasised the difference it has made compared to the previous mud dam.

Basmattie Leonard, resident

She recounted how her yard would often flood, causing damage to her garden and creating challenges for daily activities such as washing and cooking.

The massive overhaul of these 20 interior roads in Black Bush Polder is part of the Ministry of Public Works’ Miscellaneous Road Programme. (DPI)