Manchester gets $313M road upgrades

This includes the rehabilitation of First Cross Street, West of Manchester Secondary School, and Second Cross Street, East of Manchester Secondary School, each receiving individual investments exceeding $20 million.

Third Cross Street, West of Manchester Secondary School was upgraded to the tune of $24.5 million.

An essential component of this initiative is the rehabilitation of Manchester Nursery School streets, encompassing both lot one and lot two, with a combined investment of over $31 million.

Road upgrades in the community of Manchester (Photo: DPI)

These projects hold the promise of providing a secure and accessible environment for students, teachers, and all road users within the community.

The impact of these infrastructural upgrades extends beyond school routes.

The $24 million upgrade to Third Cross Street, East of Manchester Secondary School, and the $18 million investment at Fifth Cross Street West of Middlewalk Liverpool Village, are poised to make a significant impact on the daily lives of residents.

Similarly, rehabilitation works were executed on the First Cross Street and Hogstye main access road, to address longstanding issues of road quality and safety.

Hundreds of residents and road users will benefit from reduced travel time and accessibility. These projects are valued at some $17.7 million and $19.5 million, respectively.

Additionally, the government invested over $45 million for the rehabilitation of the Main Access, North and South, First Cross Street, which will provide connectivity in the region.

Works were also executed on the Main Access (Place of Worship Street), Kuru Kuru College Street, Manchester, to promote economic growth within the communities.

These infrastructural upgrades are in line with the PPP/C Government’s vision to deliver significant relief to citizens and foster community and economic development. (DPI)