‘Fiesta Cubana’ promises cultural integration, celebration of Guyana & Cuba 

To celebrate the rich tapestry of Latin American culture in Guyana while fostering tourism and cultural exchange, the first ever Cuban-Latin America festival named ‘Fiesta Cubana’ will be hosted in Guyana next month.

The event will be held on May 05 in the Promenade Gardens, Georgetown and patrons are expected to enjoy day of indulgence in Latin American food, drinks, music, dance and cultural revelry.

There will also be arts and craft for purchase, games, live entertainment and a kids zone.

The event was launched on Friday and its Chairperson, Alfredo Vallestro said the mission of Fiesta Cubana revolves around the integration of the Latin population into the Guyanese society.

Chairperson of the event, Alfredo Vallestro

“Cuba and Guyana has seen good relationship for a long time… Guyanese and Cubans are family.

“This event marks the inception of what we envision to be a staple on the Guyana’s annual calendar of event and a prominent cultural festival within the nation,” Vallestro highlighted.

Furthermore, he opined that the event serves a catalyst for community cohesion as it will facilitate social exchange and install a sense of collective pride.

“With confidence, I anticipate that Fiesta Cubana will serve as a platform for meaningful socialisation, fostering interactions and idea sharing between the Latino demographic and the wider Guyanese population,” the Chairperson added.

Fiesta Cubana also seeks to promote Cuba and the Latin America as new business and leisure destinations for Guyanese.

The event was organised by Global Tours and Travel in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Guyana. Tickets cost $1000 each and are available for purchase at all Massy supermarkets- a major sponsor of the event.