Haynes and Ramdhani dominant in GUMDAC Easter Badminton

From left: Tyrese Jeffrey, Akili Haynes, Priyanna Ramdhani and Mishka Beharry

The overall winners are as follows:

Mixed Doubles

3rd         –              Wen Yuan Chen/Shivannie Persaud

Avinash Odit/Mishka Beharry

2nd        –              Tyrese Jeffrey/Ambika Ramraj

1st          –              Akili Haynes/Priyanna Ramdhani

Women’s Doubles

3rd         –              Naveah Eastman/Malia Haley

Alimah Eastman/Asiyah Eastman

2nd        –              Ayanna Watson/Shivannie Persaud

1st          –              Priyanna Ramdhani/Mishka Beharry

Men’s Doubles

3rd         –              Nkosi Beaton/Frank Waddell

Avinash Odit/Javid Rahaman

2nd        –              Marlon Chung/Wen Yuan Chen

1st          –              Akili Haynes/Tyrese Jeffrey

“The Guyana Badminton Association expresses its gratitude to Mr. Darrell Carpenay for his continued sponsorship of the tournament. Sponsorship plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of sporting events, and Mr. Carpenay’s support is undoubtedly invaluable. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the players, parents, spectators, and fans whose involvement and support was vital in making this event a success,” the Guyana Badminton Association said.

The Association would like to acknowledge Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle and the staff of the National Sports Commission for availing the usage of the facility, the National Gymnasium.

“Having access to appropriate facilities is essential for hosting successful tournaments and facilitating the growth of badminton in Guyana. Their support ensures that players have a suitable venue to showcase their skills and compete at their best. The collaboration between the Guyana Badminton Association and the National Sports Commission underscores the importance of partnerships in promoting sports development and fostering a vibrant sporting culture within the country.”