Training of young Haitian leaders on the Internet of Things

More than 40 young leaders have participated throughout the past week (26-30 August) in training workshops on the Internet of Things at the School of Infotronic Superior of Haiti (ESIH), activities carried by Obed Sindy, President of “The Internet Society” (ISOC – Haiti), Adjovi Emmanuel, Director of the Office of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) – Caribbean and Latin America, Max Larson Henry, CEO of the Transversal Foundation and Patrick Attié, Director of the ESIH.
These Specialized Workshops on Emerging Technologies on Emerging Technologies in Haiti aimed to train young leaders from the 10 departments to be competitive players of tomorrow in a world that is enriched with new services, new solutions and new technologies and new jobs.
With their enormous potential for innovation, emerging technologies can lead to new commercial products, new approaches that open new perspectives for people, organizations and structures.
Remember that emerging technologies around the world over the next few years will require more attention and investment. The World Economic Forum predicts that the balance sheet of the automation of the economy would be positive for employment with 58 million net positions created by 2025. Projections of the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) are impressive : up to 100 billion connected devices of type (IoT) and a global economic impact of more than 11 billion US dollars in 2025.
Haiti as a developing country, must take advantage of this growth and the benefits of emerging technologies in many sectors, including industrial automation, health, energy conservation, agriculture, transportation, urban management…, the issues must be taken into account today, so that emerging technology reaches its full potential because technologies have impacts on our lives, the economy and the business world.
Source: HL/ HaitiLibre