Politic : National Forum on Youth Employability

Haiti - Politic : National Forum on Youth Employability

In partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) and the Youth Development Initiative (IDEJEN), UNICEF launched a two-day forum at the Montana Hotel on Thursday (August 29th) on youth employability that brought together more than 150 adolescents, young people, experts and representatives of sectors involved in the youth issue, education, employment in Haiti https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-28614-haiti-social-forum-for-teenagers-and-youth-on-employability.html
As part of the implementation of the Non-Formal Education Policy and UNICEF’s “Generation without Limits” initiative, the Forum aims, among other things, to provide young people with new information about lifelong learning opportunities and opportunities, promote the right to youth training and promote initiatives related to the new Non-Formal Education Policy.
Non-formal education, values ​​education, information and communication technologies, vocational training, entrepreneurship, youth employment are all topics that will be addressed during the two days of this Forum.
Opening the proceedings of this Forum, Edwing Charles the Minister for Youth recalled the journey of his life as a young person who grew up and evolved in a difficult neighborhood “La Saline”. Stressing that he needed “determination, courage, will and commitment” to achieve his dreams through his studies and succeed. He invited all young people to learn from his experience to show that it is always possible to achieve his dreams, despite the difficulties and obstacles. For Minister Charles, the slogan “kenbe tèt ou, kraze bèt ou, kwè nan tèt ou” summarize up his career well.
In his intervention Meniol Jeune, the Director General of the MENFP considered it opportune for the Ministry to be able to associate itself with any reflection on the issue of the employability of young people and find possible solutions to better support young people in their work, a quest for autonomy and personal development, and to reiterate the Minitry’s recent initiatives, all aimed at better preparing young people to better integrate the labor market. “Everything pushes us to go in this direction” concluding “This is a shared and common responsibility if we want to give hope to this youth who needs to develop their skills and knowledge.”
Maria-Luisa Fornara, United Nations Children’s Fund Representative, commended the Haitian government’s efforts to overcome the challenge of employability. The availability of a public policy document on non-formal education https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-27298-haiti-education-the-country-adopts-a-policy-of-non-formal-education-after-an-11-year-process.html is a good sign.
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Non-formal education is an addition, alternative and / or supplement to formal education in the lifelong learning process of individuals.