‘Last thing we want is more people underground’ – Hamilton urges safety in search for BOSAI employee

The operator has been identified as Neptune Hercules.

Minister Hamilton also explained, “You have what can be considered deep valleys and you have high hill sides, so excavation was not yielding the type of fruits, so yesterday they brought in a metal detector to see if perhaps that would help them to pinpoint where the bulldozer is. Up to last evening when they suspended and up to this moment, they have been unsuccessful so they continue to excavate areas.”

The minister assured that the search for Mr Hercules would continue.

“Somebody might argue that you can bring in floodlights, it’s not just the lighting, it is the ground itself that you are operating on and so they make that decision and so it was just a suspension of the search” he reiterated.

According to reports, while Mr Hercules was operating the bulldozer, a wall of earth broke away and quicksand covered him and the machine. Minister Hamilton said as more information becomes available, the public would be informed of the status of the operation. (Extracted and modified from DPI.)