DNA tests to be carried out on skeletal remains found at Kamwata

Commander of Regional Police Division # 1, Senior Superintendent Himnauth Sawh on Friday confirmed that Police ranks are trying to identify the skeletal remains of a person found at Kamwata, (a satellite community of Santa Rosa) Region One.

During a telephone interview with the News Room, Commander Sawh said ranks at Acquero Police Station received a telephone call on Wednesday relating that the skeletal remains were found.

Upon arriving at the location, the ranks found the skull, bones, and hair some 800 meters away from the access road.

“Those remains were packaged and escorted to the hospital awaiting Dr Nehaul Singh to visit to have DNA extraction so we can move forward,” the Police Commander said.

This is expected to be done on Monday.

In the meantime, the Police are checking whether there are any missing person reports that may assist in identifying the remains.

“Efforts are being made also by the Police to consult if anybody was reportedly missing and that could have satisfied any criteria as to who the individual could be,” the senior cop said.

The remains are currently at the Kumaka hospital’s mortuary.

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