Dinosaur museum among attractions at Kids Fest

Kids Fest has returned this year with a spectacular theme ‘Dinosaur Adventure’ that will be the first of its kind in Guyana and promises to be exciting and educational for the entire family.

An idea that was born five years ago, by a young woman who wanted to fulfill the childhood dreams of others, has now grown to be the premier event for the kids during Easter.

Slated for April 9 and 10 at the Promenade Gardens, Kids Fest has a packed two days of activities including a Princess Pageant, where nine little girls will dress up and showcase their inner princess, vying for the title of “Miss Kids Fest Dino Princess 2023”.

This exciting activity will allow kids to embrace their creativity and imagination, while learning about the values of confidence, courage, and grace. The highlight of the event however, will be the educational dinosaur museum, where kids can explore the prehistoric world and learn about the different species of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

The museum will feature interactive exhibits, life-size (20ft-30ft), inflative dinosaurs, and informative displays that will spark the imagination and curiosity of young minds.

Creative Director of Kids Fest, Natalya Thomas-Small said that in choosing the theme each year, she thinks outside the box to offer families, particularly the children, experiences they’ve never had before. Hence the reason for choosing the dinosaurs for the 2023 edition.

“It’s important to educate children about dinosaurs and we don’t have that kind of exposure here for our children. One of the primary goals of having the kiddies dinosaur museum is to provide an interactive and engaging educational experience for children. By learning about dinosaurs, children can develop an interest in science and history, which can have long-lasting positive effects on their lives. Our museum will feature a diverse collection of dinosaur exhibits, including life-size replicas of various species of dinosaurs and interactive displays, and we’re Very excited about that,” the Director shared.

In addition to the dinosaur museum, the event will also have plenty of fun games for the entire family to enjoy, including face painting, trampoline, bouncy castles and more. Parents and kids can bond over these fun activities, creating memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

Thomas-Small also disclosed the launch of two special projects that will happen at the event. The Baby 2 Baby Initiative and Genomatics. Baby 2 Baby is an initiative that encourages philanthropy and reminds us to be our brother’s or sister’s keepers, through the creation of a charity bank that offers essential care and products for babies, to give to less fortunate moms.

Meanwhile, Genomatics is a stem-based project that engages the minds of the younger generation encouraging futuristic thinking, expression of uniqueness, creativity, and exceptional execution skills. Admission is $1000 for children and $2000 for adults. (Press release)