World-renowned Chess Grandmaster to visit Guyana

Among his most notable achievements during his career as a chess player are his 1991 magnum opus against Dutchman Jan Timman and his 1993 world championship title showdown with Garry Kasparov.

In the famous Timman match, known fondly to the global chess community as the “King Walk” or “King’s March”, Grandmaster Short dominated the dark squares, then maneuvered his king up the board to create a mating net.

The 1993 title match, which drew an audience of one million across television broadcasts, was a lopsided victory for Kasparov. GM Nigel Short was the first British player to reach the final of the World Chess Championship since 1935.

The match started tragically for Short, who lost on time in a superior position. The games were hard fought and thrilling with a final score of 12½ to 7½ in Kasparov’s favour.

The three-time British Champion is also a columnist, coach and commentator/analyst who was ranked third in the world by FIDE from July 1988 to July 1989.

As someone who has been an influential figure in the development of chess, the Federation is thrilled to welcome him to Guyana to reap the tremendous value of his expertise and assistance in the advancement of the sport.

The last Grandmaster to visit Guyana was Viktor Bologan in 2018. He is a world-renowned theoretician and also a prolific chess author, having written several books on chess strategy and tactics.