Murder in Sophia: Woman stabbed 22 times by boyfriend, wanted to end relationship

Lisa George, the mother of two who was brutally stabbed to death by her partner on Wednesday morning, wanted to end the relationship but was fearful of his reaction.

This is according to her sister, Lavern George, who told the News Room that the suspect, 23-year-old Meshack Douglas, tried to hurt himself in the past and even threatened the victim by telling her that he had a gun buried every time she tried to end the four-month relationship.

“My sister had wanted to leave him. The last time she put him out with all his things and then a few mornings after, he keep saying he sorry and she take him back…He use to threaten she and tell she how he got a gun,” a distraught George told the News Room at the ‘C’ Field, Sophia house where the murder took place.

The house where the incident occurred (Photo: News Room/April 26, 2023)

According to George, the sister was scared that the man would have killed her and her children if she ended the relationship in a “rush.”

Thirty-one-year-old Lisa was stabbed to death in full view of her two children at around 03:00hrs; the News Room understands that the incident occurred while she was in bed with her six-year-old daughter and her 12-year-old son was in the living room.

Police sources told the News Room that the woman’s body was examined and there were about 22 stab wounds to her abdomen and neck.

The victim’s 12-year-old son told the Police he was awakened by his mother screaming and went to her bedroom, where he saw her lying on her back on the bed. According to the Police, the child said he saw the suspect on top of his mother, stabbing her with a knife.

The suspect was arrested at the scene. While being comforted by family members, George recalled that she was awoken by screams from her sister who was shouting for help.

“I hear meh sista holler ‘I gun dead’….I jump out the bed and I touch me child father and he run off the bed. He run behind me. I run and I start bramming down the window and the door and I tell me nephew open the door,” Lavern said.

Upon rushing to Lisa’s assistance, they saw the suspect over Lisa’s body; he was armed with two knives, one which he used to inflict the wounds and another that was in his waist.

Police ranks at the scene (Photo: News Room/April 26, 2023)

The suspect was disarmed by Lovern and her husband.

“Me child father reach in the room before me. He run and he run straight and hold the bai (suspect) hand. Me sister fall back on the bed and then I see some blood pulking out from she stomach so I thought was shoot she get. So I take a sheet and I reach it on she stomach,” the grieving woman explained.

“I just keep hollering. Meh sista talking…I keep hollering ‘Lisa, stay with yuh sista’…And then she fall, she just gone and then I tek meh mouth and I open she mouth and I start blowing fah she get lil air. By the time she catch back she self, she seh ‘Nikita I gun dead’ and that was it.”

According to George, her sister spoke to the suspect’s mother about his behaviour in the past.

Lisa and Douglas worked together at a private security firm as security guards. Lisa shared the house with her sister and parents; her two children are from a previous relationship.