Defence Diplomacy Unit soon; jobs for retirees of the Disciplined Services – Pres. Ali

Members of the Police Force at the opening of the Police Officers’ Conference (Photo: DPI/April 27, 2023)

To this end, he said his administration is designing a model to utilise the expertise of these retirees in the promotion of national development.

“When you leave as officers, your time does not come to an end.

“In the new Guyana, we are looking at every officer and their life beyond the force,” Dr. Ali added.

He said the selection of people for continuity of service will be based on a number of things but emphasised it will be driven by their performance, fuelled by their professionalism and focused on their delivery.

President Dr Irfaan Ali addressing the opening of the Police Officers’ Conference (Photo: Guyana Police Force/April 27, 2023)

“If you want to play a role in the future, then you must continuously exhibit what I just spoke of.

“Do that and you yourself have to remain relevant. We are building a system that rewards this,” Dr. Ali explained.

He called it strategic positioning rather than strategic planning.