With improvements at forensic lab, some foreign experts to lecture at UG      

Some forensic scientists hired by the Guyana Government to work at the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory will also be engaged by the University of Guyana to lecture in the disciples in which they are academically and practically qualified.

This is according to Attorney General Anil Nandlall. He made the announcement while addressing a symposium in observance of law week on Friday.

“These initiatives will accumulate to build an educated population both in the legal and related sectors and beyond,” Nandlall said.

His comments came one day after Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn told reporters that Guyana’s capacity to test DNA samples is expected to be optimised within the next few months.

Benn said new equipment recently procured are undergoing testing in order to solidify the lab’s DNA processing capacity; a rapid testing device is currently functional.

“We have new equipment, a rapid test one which is already operational. The other one is also operational but it has to go through for a couple of months of validation testing.

“That machine is more complicated but more efficient in terms of larger batches and the quality of results it would produce…I think within three, four months based on the validation requirement,” Benn said.

He recalled that there were setbacks with a machine bought by the David Granger government.

To demonstrate the capacity of the lab currently, Benn said DNA samples for skeletal remains found in Guyana are being tested locally.

But to avoid any obstacles during prosecution in the court and until the equipment is certified, it will also be sent abroad.

“It can be tested but for surety, we are going to send samples. We’re still in a couple months of validation testing for the big machine. We will send those samples to a laboratory overseas which has a machine of that kind up and running,” the Minister said.