700 young professional houses being built in LBI

President, Dr Irfaan Ali conducted a walk about of the LBI housing scheme on Tuesday.

According to the Head of State, the massive housing development will connect to the new infrastructural system.

“…LBI will go all the way back and connect to Ogle and then go down and connect to Aubrey Barker (road). So you get connection right back to the city…and then this take you on the new four lane highway all the way back to the East Bank going onto Timehri,” Ali explained.

He added, “All these new development at the back here (LBI)….will all be connected to the new highway system.”

According to Director of Projects at Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), Omar Narine, the project is being done in three phases.

He said some $2B was injected towards the completion of Phase Two of the project, which will see 500 young professional homes being built.

“This entire area here with the roads and the houses is estimated to be some $10B that is being injected…On a daily basis, we have here over about 2,000 labourers working at this site here to get 700 houses completed,” Narine said.

The houses are being built in three models and are expected to be completed In December this year.

The LBI housing scheme is one of the many new schemes along the East Coast of Demerara that is being developed by the Ministry of Housing and Water CH&PA to transform the landscape of the coastlands.