KFC funds $1M first prize for One Guyana Futsal

Job Caesar’s hat-trick (22’, 33’, 39’), coupled with a double from Adrian Aaron (21’, 22) and goals from Daniel Wilson (19), Sheldon Holder (21’), Pernell Shultz (6’) and Colin Nelson (16’) proved too much for California Square to handle.

Sparta Boss will rely on the attacking prowess of Hackett and Shepherd, while Bent Street will look to Caesar and Aaron for inspiration.

Speaking ahead of the final, Jeremy Garrett, who acts as Management of the Sparta team, assured their supporters that “no doubt I believe that the guys can pull it off and it’s going to be an entertaining one. Looking for the victory in our finals, no doubt.”

For Adrian Aaron, Bent Street is talented enough to match Sparta Boss’ attack and will resolutely defend their goal. Both teams are anticipating fireworks when the two sides collide.

The second-place team will receive a prize of $500,000, while the third and fourth-place finishers will take home $200,000 and $100,000, respectively.