Couple wanted for alleged money laundering surrenders to SOCU

Less than 24 hours after wanted bulletins were issued for them, Jennifer Mariah Ally nee Ramnarine and her husband Riaz Ally surrendered to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) in the company of their lawyer, Bernard Da Silva.

The couple are prime witnesses in an ongoing money laundering case. Two of the defendants in that case, Kenneth Killawan Ramnarine and Damien Ramnarine are Jennifer’s father and brother.

On Wednesday, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) issued wanted bulletins for Jennifer and Ally, for questioning in relation to money laundering and financial crimes.

The wanted bulletins issued by the Guyana Police Force

Speaking to reporters outside of the SOCU Headquarters on Thursday, Da Silva said the move by the Police to issue the wanted bulletins for his clients is “ironic” since they have been in contact with SOCU in light of the ongoing court case.

And while the unit has his clients’ addresses and phone numbers, Da Silva said at no point was any effort made to contact them before the wanted bulletins were issued.

“Surprisingly, they are not considered suspects…We all know a wanted bulletin is issued when a person cannot be found, when efforts by the police would have failed. This is not the case,” he said.

“This is a case where the Police… especially SOCU would have been in constant contact with these parties…Surprisingly it was not a summon issued to them but wanted bulletins which means they are now suspects,” Da Silva added.

And now that they are subject to an investigation, Da Silva said Jennifer and Ally will be prevented from giving evidence in the matter that is currently before the court.

According to Da Silva, his clients could not have surrendered earlier since they are business people and were out of town; he said they only returned on Wednesday night.

“They are here to clear their names….they would not be giving any statement. They will exercise their right to remain silent,” the attorney told the News Room.

L-R: Kenneth Killawan Ramnarine, Yevette Nalini Saroop and Damien Ramnarine

Meanwhile, in brief remarks before she surrendered, Jennifer said the wanted bulletins has defamed her and her husband.

“…We have been constantly keeping in contact with SOCU, so I don’t know what was the need for the bulletins…They could have just picked the phone up like they always do. They have our address,” Jennifer said.

“The thing is, if they want further assistance they call, we are here. I don’t know what is it with the wanted bulletins. It’s defaming my character, its defaming my husband’s,” she noted.

Jennifer’s father, Kenneth and his wife, Yevette Nalini Saroop are currently facing over 200 charges for allegedly laundering billions of dollars reportedly for local Chinese businesses. Her brother, Damien is facing 193 charges.

Kenneth and Saroop were arrested at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on February 8, 2023, after they attempted to flee the jurisdiction for USA.

Da Silva, who is also representing Kenneth and Damien, said he is convinced that Jennifer and Ally will be questioned in relation to the same matter.