Guyana bids farewell to a ‘reliable, inspirational’ Ambassador Lynch

President Dr. Irfaan Ali joins the Ambassador Lynch, her husband and staff at the Embassy in a toast

The ultimate salute came from President Dr. Irfaan Ali who returned from Qatar for the momentous occasion.

Lynch held dual portfolios as Ambassador to CARICOM.

To this end, Dr. Ali highlighted her work in the region, inviting a resounding applause from the gathering.

“Ambassador Lynch led brilliantly in an unconventional way as an ambassador. The U.S private sector could not have asked for a more aggressive ambassador for their cause and interest. Ambassador Lynch worked tirelessly to ensure the U.S private sector participated fully in the development that is unfolding and I think you should be congratulated for that,” Dr. Ali posited.

Under her leadership, the American Chamber of Commerce & Industry Guyana (AMCHAM Guyana) was established.

To this end, Dr. Al hailed the ambassador as being results-oriented and results driven.

“So, when it comes to trade and the private sector, [you’ve done] brilliant work. When it comes to security, there has never been this level of coordination and collaboration.”

He added, “You leave a country on the rise. You leave a people in the hopeful arms of prosperity. You leave a government completely devoted to democracy and the rule of law. You leave a Guyana that you will look back in the next eight years and be proud of because what you will see is a strong united One Guyana. Nothing short of that.”

He described the ambassador as a reliable partner who always provided inspiration.

Dr. Ali believes the ambassador’s difference in approach, style and conduct has allowed her to win the trust and friendship of the Guyanese people.