UG offers support to those affected in Mahdia fire, to host Vigil of Compassion on Tuesday

UG’s Social Work Unit in the Faculty of Social Sciences is supporting the Ministry of Education’s Welfare Unit and has reached out to other stakeholders they are collaborating with for practicum to determine how we may support them. Members of the University Social Work Unit are set to accompany a Ministry of Education Welfare team. UG’s Social Work graduates in the Mental Health Unit of the Ministry of Health are on standby to travel.

The Vice-Chancellor as Chair of UG’s Mental Health Task Force convened a meeting at 12 noon  today with UG’s College of Behavioural Sciences and Research (CoBRES), Institute of Resiliency, Inclusion  Unit and Social Work Departments on development of an emergency mental plan for quick deployment  which includes support to first responders.

Additionally, Dean of UG’s College of Behavioural Sciences and Research (CoBRES), Dr Katija Khan in her capacity as President of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations, also pledge support and that of their Disaster Mental Health Committee in any way needed at this time.

UG’s College of Medical Sciences is also mobilising to lend additional medical support at the location so that there is no interrupted medical services including mental health nursing specialists are required as well as our Amerindian Studies Unit in the Faculty of Education and Humanities.

The University is also requesting the exercise of sensitivity and compassion in not sharing and circulation of photos, videos and images of this terrible event.

The University is requesting that any civil society, religious or other entities wishing to partner or in need of support to kindly reach out using email or WhatsApp: 592-642-7273. The University’s response continues to develop.

Once again, the University extends its support and sympathy in this hour of unthinkable loss in communities which lost children and in our country.