Bodies of mother/daughter at Providence: Suicide note found in living room

decomposed bodies of a mother and her teenage daughter at their rented house at New Providence, East Bank Demerara, found a suicide note in the living room in addition to three plastic bottles, a glass bottle containing liquid substances and two cups.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that two small glass containers with a whitish substance were also recovered from the refrigerator.

Dead are 38-year-old Petrous Latchman-Ross and 13-year-old Gabrielle Ross.

The house where the bodies were found (Photo: News Source/May 31, 2023)

Reliable sources confirmed to the News Room that the woman expressed frustration with her living situation in the suicide note. Detectives are now waiting on autopsy results which will indicate whether the child was forced to consume any poisonous substance.

The woman and her child were last seen alive on January 23, 2023, by the ex-husband, 58-year-old Hemanchal Latchman, a mechanic Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, according to Police Headquarters.

It was only when he visited the house on Wednesday at around 14:00 hrs that he discovered them dead.

According to the Police statement, in the month of September 2022, the husband moved out of the said house but continued to pay the rent and make visits.

“In January 2023, he visited them and found them alive and well,” the Police noted.

According to the report, when Latchman showed up at the well-secured house on Wednesday, he made several calls but did not get any response.

“He became suspicious and as a result, with the assistance of a neighbour, they pried open the front door and immediately got a fowl scent coming from inside of the house. They then ventured inside and saw the partly decomposed bodies of both females lying on the ground,” the Police report stated.

The Police were immediately summoned to the scene. Blood samples were taken from the bodies which are now stored at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Parlour awaiting post-mortem.