Son sentenced to 4 years jail, father released on time served for murder of Mon Repos man

Brian Dwarka, while his father was released on time served.

Andrew Singh, 28, and his father Suraj Singh, 55, both formerly of Third Street, Mon Repos, were sentenced by Justice Sandil Kissoon at the High Court in Georgetown.

Last month, the pair was indicted for the capital offence of murder but opted to plea to the lesser count of manslaughter.

The News Room had reported that on May 27, 2018, the victim was involved in an argument with Andrew and Suraj at a Bar-B-Que and his friends ran away after the businessman’s son pulled out a knife.

Dead: Brian Dwarka

Shortly after, Dwarka was found motionless in a nearby yard in a pool of blood and he was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Suraj was arrested at the Georgetown Public Hospital where he alleged that the young man had beaten and robbed him; his son was found hiding in a toilet at his home.

Andrew had told the court that he acted in self-defence since his father was attacked and robbed by Dwarka.

However, during their sentencing hearing on Thursday, Justice Kissoon told the Singhs that they should have reported the matter to the Police and not taken justice into their own hands.

He added that upon a review of the case records and the deposition, the court found it extremely troubling of an attempt by the prosecution witnesses to conceal the events that occurred on the night in question leading up to the death of Dwarka.

“There is a prevalence in our communities or within our society of like offences which continue to reign unchecked…The Court cannot turn a blind eye that a life was lost; one life too many,” the Judge said during his sentencing remarks.

He added that Andrew acted in a state of anger and provocation which was a catalyst for his actions.

Taking the aforementioned into consideration, Justice Kissoon ordered that Suraj be released on time served since he did not inflict any injuries on the victim. On the other hand, his son, Andrew, was sentenced to four years for the crime.