GTT, Digicel and ENet welcome President Ali’s announcement on removal of all taxes for cell phones

See below full statement issued by GTT, Digicel and ENet:

Telecommunications providers GTT, Digicel, and ENet are pleased to support the recent announcement by President Mohammed Irfaan Ali to eliminate taxes on cell phones. This is a significant step towards improving information access and bridging the digital divide in Guyana.

This announcement will transform the communications sector by enabling greater access to pursue educational opportunities, conduct business, and foster personal growth. As our society becomes increasingly connected, it is essential to remove barriers that hinder access to vital technological resources.

By exempting taxes on cell phones, President Ali has taken a progressive stride towards bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusivity in all of Guyana. This initiative will undoubtedly result in a multitude of positive outcomes for the people of Guyana, including improved educational prospects, expanded economic opportunities, and enhanced communication networks across the nation, especially our rural and hinterland communities.

As telecommunications providers in Guyana, we continue to work assiduously with the government and other stakeholders to facilitate the seamless implementation of this tax exemption. Customers can look forward, in the near future, to revised prices reflecting the removal of taxes on all cellular devices. These changes will be communicated to the public in tandem with the government’s lifting of taxes on such products.

GTT, Digicel, and ENet look forward to continued efforts.