Authorities probing powerlifter’s death after relatives complain of poor care at Diamond hospital

Rawndel Clementson, a local powerlifter, is ongoing after the man’s relatives said he received poor care at the Diamond Hospital on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD).

Clementson, 44, died on Tuesday while receiving care at the hospital.

According to a social media post that gained much traction, family members were asked to leave the room but soon after, were told the man succumbed. As such, they believe the man did not receive the necessary medical attention.

Dr. Persaud, however, explained that certain procedures needed to be followed before the man received other treatment.

He said, “Imagine it like this, someone comes into the hospital, they are having chest pains and so on you just can’t rush and treat that. There are certain information that has be checked.

“And according to what I read [in the report], the nurse was trying to gather this (information) but she couldn’t and I don’t know what exchanges took place.”

Region Four Regional Health Officer (RHO) Dr. Gavinash Persaud (Photo: News Room/ May 22, 2021)

The man was taken to the hospital at about 03:00 hrs, complaining of chest pains and intense heart palpitations. A doctor on duty and with nurses responded to the emergency.

Dr. Persaud was informed that at some point, the nurses tried to get his vitals but couldn’t because he reportedly fainted and fell to the ground. His weight proved a challenge for the team to get him onto bed. As such, the doctor attended to him on the ground.

“They attempted multiple resuscitation sessions and one was successful but others weren’t,” Dr Persaud said.

He added that the protocol is for all deaths to be reported. Notably, the concerns raised warrants an investigation into the circumstances and service offered.

“We’re getting the report from all the personal who are involved with this patient at Diamond and I am also awaiting a report from the family member so that I can get their side together.

“Then we will look at it and then decide what necessary action we have to take,” he said.

An autopsy has not yet been completed.